The War On Attention

The War On Attention

The Most Precious Resource In Today’ World: Attention

Why Do You Need Their Attention?

Do you ever think that maybe you were suppose to live a life of luxury? Making more money than most while enjoying the freedom of not having to slave every hour for that paycheck?

I know what you’re probably thinking!  Sure, that would be nice but lets get realistic!

OK then, lets get realistic.

In 2017 more new millionaires were created through internet-based businesses than any time in history.  Taking a step down, more people were able to replace their 40+ hour work weeks with a 10 hour work-from-home week because of the web than any time in history.

One more step? The internet is responsible for over 800 billion dollars of “extra” income for families that just needed a few extra bucks to make the bills seem manageable, make vacations seem possible, or allow that dream car/home/purse/watch…(ect.) to be within reach.   Finally.

Friends the internet has allowed society to turn back towards entrepreneurship being admired and guess what?  Attention is the currency of today’s market.

How Does Attention = A Better Life?

As a marketer, the most valuable asset you have is someone’s attention because without it you’ll keep climbing an never ending uphill battle.

If you’ve got someone’s attention then you hold an opportunity to satisfy that person’s wants, needs and desires.  Think about how you’ve made every decision to purchase in your life, it all started with something grabbing and keeping your attention long enough for you to make a decision.

When my wife and I made our first car purchase together we felt like we knew exactly where we were going to start.  We knew what car we wanted, the features we needed, and at what price point we were going to buy it at.  However, we were no prepared for our human emotions.

We drove to the car lot and tried to bee line it to the used cars to save money.  Within seconds of arriving my wife and I were greeted with attention grabbing colors from the front showroom area that kindly invited us to “just look”.  You can probably guess that we ended up buying the blue Chevy in the showroom.

Now using this example, emulate it on your own life’s goals.  The things in life that take the most of your attention end up being the goals you achieve.  Quote me on that…and about a million other wildly successful people.  🙂

How Do You Get Someone’s Attention?

  • Words of Your Headliners
  • Emotional Images
  • Resonating Sounds
  • Video Appeal


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The War On Attention
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