Marketing, Why I Love It

Marketing, Why I Love It

People are amazing!  We come up with ideas, concepts and revolutions that could change the world and make some real positive impacts.  God knows we need it.  To take an inspiring idea and turn it into a thriving business creates a wave of good energy.

However, none of it matters, not even a little, if those ideas don’t develop and nobody hears about them.  That is why I love marketing.  It is the ultimate tool to take an idea from brain storm to reality and make life better for so many more. 

Marketing is a lot like painting

To paint a master piece it takes remarkable skill, talent and patience.  You’ll start with a blank canvas, just like everyone else, but in the end you’ve got this extraordinary display that makes people wonder how you ever came up with such splendor.  

Marketing is a lot like that but with people. 

Most marketing campaigns start with a vision of the end in mind but no certain way to get there.  Much like a painting, you need to gather all the colors and brushes you think you’ll need and lay them out to contemplate.  

Our creativity is our strongest tool.  

As you start to outline and put in some details it’s a good idea to step back and evaluate the bigger picture as you go.  When I first started running advertisement on Facebook I got excited to see the engagement of new fans liking my posts and commenting with their own unique voices, but this wasn’t getting me the results of my end vision.  

As I work on a new marketing campaign for a business, I often find that one crazy little idea of a brush stroke looks so good that it turns out to be a large part of our “strategy”.  I emphasize this because marketing strategies are as stable as a house of cards.  You might think you know what works but the only thing that will tell you for sure are your customers. 

Lastly, marketing is a little different than painting.  

In marketing, you spend enormous amounts of time crafting and evaluating…for someone else’s vision.  It’s a great honor. 


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Marketing, Why I Love It
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